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worfpaper nerf mavericks by worfsonofmogh worfpaper nerf mavericks by worfsonofmogh
made this for my bros who love their nerf mavericks and live by the sword (or in this case the gun)
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ErwinRommel Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2006
Try wax bullets in real 5.56mm rifles~Desu
andrewsarchus Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2006
I spraypainted mine black for the assassins game on campus.
elementc Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2006
I've got two and a half pennies here that say you've got poop in your eye Slabs The Baby.
l3enny Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2006
can someone post the original kanji script pls
Solutus Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2006   Photographer
Yeah sure, here it is: Jackie Robinson: Baseball Great
By: Richard Scott

*Jackie’s Early Life

-Jackie was born on January 31st 1919, just outside Cairo, Georgia.
-He was the grandson of a slave
-Jackie’s mom taught her children not to be shaken by racist treatment.
After his father abandoned them, Jackie moved with his family out to Pasadena, CA
-When he was a teenager, he joined a street gang which led him away from his roll models.
-While attending UCLA, Jackie not only met his future wife, Rachel, but also participated in four varsity athletic teams.
-In 1942, Robinson was drafted into the army.
-in 1943, be rose top the rank of second lieutenant.
-in 1944, Robinson was honorably discharged from the army
-He then joined the Kansas City Monarchs

*After WWII, major league baseball clubs were segregated into two divisions, Black and White.

-The man who spearheaded the desegregation movement was Branch Ricky, the white coach of the Brooklyn Dodgers.
-He sent out numerous scouts to find an African-American with so much talent, that noone would question a colored man’s ability to play baseball. He was also supposed to be able to withstand all the abuse and prejudices people had.
-After much deliberation, Branch selected Jackie Robinson.
-in October of 1945, Robinson signed a contract to play with the Montreal Royals, the Dodger’s top minor league club.
-Robinson received huge amounts of racist discrimination and racial slurring.
-At the Little World Series, he was almost booed off the field, but his mother’s lessons on toleration helped him to stand strong.

*Latter part of Jackie’s baseball career

-in 1946, Jackie Robinson Jr. is born; Jackie swears not to abandon his little boy like his father did.
-in 1947, Jackie Robinson is moved up to play with the Brooklyn Dodgers.
-in 1947, Jackie is the first Negro man ever to play in the World Series; receives death threats.
- in 1949, the Dodgers recruit more Negro players, Roy Campenella, and Don Newcombe. He is then named MVP, and his salary is increased to $35,000/year.
-in 1950, Jackie’s first daughter, Sharon Robinson, is born, and the whole family moves to St. Albans, NY.
-1950, Jackie produces the film “The Jackie Robinson Story”, and receives more death threats.
-In January of 1957, Jackie retires from Baseball.
SlabsTheBaby Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2006
This is shit, I'll kill you
worfsonofmogh Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2006
well well well if it isnt slabs the butt here to poop all over my art work yet again!!
Solutus Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2006   Photographer
I'm going to poop all over your face.


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